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Love's Secret Live Your Life in Love

USA Book News awards Love's Secret Finalist in Self-Help Relationship!

loves secret live your life in love annie b lawrenceAnnie, We just celebrated our 22nd anniversary. We were struggling with intimacy issues. We were fortunate to find Annie Lawrence who after the first session was able to help us get to the "root" cause of our struggle. What I liked most about Annie was her honesty and the safe space she provided to work through our issues. We feel that we have a new start to deepen our heart connection. We had tried several other EFT/Hypnotherapy practitioners but never got to the core issues. Annie's book Love's Secret is a great tool to keep you focused and on track. I am very happy that we made the investment and that we have begun our work. Our hearts are open again and our love is alive and strengthened. Loves Secret is a great tool to take away and keep us focused on love. Thanks, David and Carolyn, CO

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If you haven’t treated yourself to Annie Lawrence’s wonderful book, Love’s Secret: Live Your Life in Love, you should!  Grab yourself a copy, a fresh notebook, and a smooth-writing pen, and immerse yourself in some precious self-healing time. I just completed my first trip through this delightful book, and each chapter is like a delicious gift I unwrapped for myself. I emerged from each period of reflection feeling like I have done work necessary to nourish my soul, release toxic habits, and take one more step forward on my journey to my next best self. Couples will want to grow together by sharing the experience and deepening their understanding of one another. Singles like me, who are ready to heal old wounds and make way for new, healthy habits, will find gentle but firm direction in the anecdotes, advice, and techniques found in these pages. I know I will return to this wise resource, so I’m keeping my book, underlining passages, marking with sticky-tabs, and highlighting whole paragraphs. You can’t borrow mine; you’ll have to get your own! Karla Wade, Ph. D.

"This is a wonderful book" Annie B. Lawrence describes her own relationships and gives examples from her own practice of various situations she has encountered with her clients. What I enjoyed about this book is 1) true life examples; 2) questions one may ask of oneself to get deeper into situations 3) envisioning and 4) EFT exercises you can do yourself to assist in bringing your love into reality. In this book, there is no blame. It's about finding out where you are and how to get where you want to be. Easy to read; easy to understand. If you need a coach, Annie is available AND, I'd suggest you check out her beautiful location in Sedona Arizona."- Revvell Ravati

Annie B. Lawrence is a great teacher Her book contains everything you need to let go of the old and prepare yourself to bring new love into your life. Love's Secret is filled with exercises and examples that make everything clear and simple yet life changing. I feel so much love in my life after reading and experiencing her book." -Gay Lynn Fry

I think it's just human nature that we all want to be loved We all hope that we'll meet that handsome prince or beautiful princess. We'll fall madly in love and live happily ever after. Somehow we expect that this person will magically break through all our barriers, clear out all our relationship baggage, and love us exactly the way we need to be loved. Then, we wonder why reality doesn't match our fantasies. The truth is that no one can live up to these expectations and the problem isn't your significant other. The real underlying issue of all relationship problems lies within yourself. Thus, in order to enjoy an open, honest, passionate, and loving relationship, you have to take a good look at yourself first. Not only do you have to learn to love yourself but you have to understand what underlying beliefs that are undermining your potential happiness. Love's Secret presents a variety of techniques that the reader can use to examine the real cause of unhappiness including journaling and visualization. The author also makes use of what she calls Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)." -Dr. Tami Brady

In Love's Secret, Lawrence discusses a process called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) "EFT is an effective tool to clear away emotional patterns and beliefs in the emotional body and energy meridians in your physical body." It includes tapping areas of the body that "correlate to energy meridians" and using affirmations of self acceptance, love and forgiveness. The author extends resources for readers wanting to learn more.

As she continues through each secret, she shares her own personal experiences, as well as the experiences of clients who benefitted from the 12 secrets. The author writes of healing, which is basically the spiritual journey of life. We are here to face our core issues, love, and heal. First, however, we must clear our belief system. "Preprogrammed beliefs and patterns passed on to you through your environment and families are your life lessons." We must take time for inner reflection and find what is true for us. What patterns exist? It is a path for the brave of heart to seek out a healing of spirit. Lawrence recommends journaling so that we become more aware of our moods, thoughts, and habits that can sabotage our greatest intentions. Her questions posted after each secret are quite helpful to gain a better understanding of where we are and where we want to be. Love's Secret goes on to share valuable wisdom through the remaining secrets addressed. This wisdom can change a life and it can change the world as we see it. True change begins within and cannot help but transform the world. Annie Lawrence is a healer of relationships and injured spirits. This is truly her contribution of guidance. She urges her readers to look beyond the surface of daily living into the spiritual aspects of healing the pain that can control the lives we've created. We can reach beyond the pain, from a healed heart, into the passion of divine possibilities. Love's Secret is for the couple and the spirit seeking more love and greater peace. It is a significant source of comfort and counsel." -Angela Hutchinson

The secret to life-long love is not a secret to those who read the wise words of Annie B Lawrence Her clear and simple wisdom and stories offers easy to apply tools empower to create the love you want." -Susun Weed, Author New Menopausal Years The Wise Woman Way

Make your dream relationship a reality Follow Annie's love vision to live your life in love with the love of your life." -Dr. Don Engelhardt, Author Inside the Atom

Love's Secret helped me heal co-dependencyI always seemed to choose men who were emotionally unavailable. After working with Annie through phone consultations with EFT and following Love's Secret, I now find men who are loving nurturing and supportive. -Ciarra

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"Old habits and beliefs destroy health and relationships and leave couples craving love but recreating pain!" 50% of all marriages end tragically in divorce and cost thousands of dollars annually. Divorce leaves couples emotionally wounded and feeling victimized. Annie Lawrence shares a proven plan she has applied with hundreds of couple's world wide. She has assisted couples to avoid wedding bell blues and the tragic road to divorce court.
Annie's road map for relationship mastery assists couples to choose bliss over blame. A child who only experienced love when they felt hurt or threatened has nerve pathways connecting love to pain and drama. Until these patterns are changed the adult recreates pain in an attempt to feel love.
Couples enter a marriage full of blissful endorphins and yet ill equipped with tools to keep passion and love alive. Most often the couples have different money values and poor communication skills. 80% of all divorce originates from money disagreements. Annie offers skills to communicate from the heart and keep your love account and your bank account out of the red.
Annie shares what every woman wants but is afraid to ask for. And offers solutions to turn relationships into a flourishing garden rather than a toxic dump!



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 For our loyal friends $13.95 Regular $22.95

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