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Tours and Ceremonies

sedona tours and ceremoniesSacred Vortex Tour

Not just a vortex tour, we offer a spiritual journey!

Two and half hour tour on the land designed to give you an experience of the vortex energies. Our special tour empowers you to experience the vortex sites and allows time to meditate. We facilitate you to feel the healing energy of the Sedona vortex sites. Make the most of your Sedona visit, let us be your spiritual guides, our small personalized tours are just what you are looking for. We create a sacred space to experience the vortex energies, and assist you to release your stress and deepen your spiritual connection. $150 per person  2 hours Reserve Now!

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Shamanic Journey

A special healing journey into the Spiritual realm to meet your totem animals, spiritual guides, or guardian angel. Through prayer, drumming, intention, and chanting, we set the space to connect with your higher wisdom and guidance, and your spirit guides or animal spirits. Jerry Red Eagle or Annie Eaglewoman assist you to enter the sacred spiritual realms and connect with your Spirit Guides and or Angels. This journey is designed for your special needs, and considerations, therefore each location and experience is different. The nature spirits guide us and you for a wonderful one of a life time experience.

Shamanic Journey $199 2 hours

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Medicine Wheel Ceremony

sedona medicine wheel ceremony tourSacred Medicine Wheel Ceremonies assist in releasing pain and trauma from the past, animal spirit totem alignment, spirit guide connections, connecting with your inner wisdom, and clarifying life purpose and direction. Experience our sacred bowl burning ceremony to clear patterns and emotions of the past, and create new space for the new energies ready to enter your life. Set your intentions to connect more deeply with Spirit and your inner guidance, balance and align with your spiritual essence, and assist you to open your heart connections. You will bring clarity to your life journey, cycles of your life, inner child, and step more fully into your personal power. Your guide has many years of experience in facilitating healing journeys, and will assist you in creating a magical healing experience. Each experience is individually designed to take you to the root of your concern, bring clarity, and healing; leaving you with body/mind/spirit alignment, ready to live your purpose.
$150 2 hours. Add a Medicine card reading for $99. that's $249 for both. ($50 Savings) Reserve Now!

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Bowl Burning & Smudge Ceremony

bowl burning ceremony sedona retreat tourThis ritual provides a sacred way to release old, unwanted conditions or events in our lives and clear the way for new beginnings. The ceremony involves writing on a piece of paper conditions or events that you would like to release in order to bring in the new, and burning it. Sage is a purification herb sacred to many Native American traditions. Use of this herb to cleanse a person or space is called Smudging.

$125  1 hour Bowl Burning Ceremony Reserve Now!



Tibetan Amitabha Stupa Meditation

sedona meditation stupa vecation retreatImagine a place where you can go to pray that magnifies that prayer a hundred fold. A place where a living presence of compassion and enlightened mind exists with the sole purpose of being a beacon that radiates blessings to all who come within 100 miles of its location. And if you can imagine a place like this, imagine how it could change your life and the lives of others. That's exactly what a stupa is. When you come to a stupa to make prayers with the pure intention of bringing benefit to others, it can change your life, your heart, your mind profoundly.

sedona retreat meditation tourSurrounded by the stunning red rocks of Sedona, Arizona, Kunzang Palyul Choling has created a place for peaceful meditation and spiritual renewal. Under the direction of Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo, Spiritual Director of KPC, two consecrated Stupas have already been built on the land, the Tara Stupa and the Amitabha Stupa.  They sit majestically among the pinion and juniper pines against the beautiful pinnacles of Sedona rock right near Harmony House Retreat.

"At a stupa it is possible to touch the sacred and be transformed."

$125  1 hour meditation Reserve Now!


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Retreat and Heal-Thank you for providing a "safe place" for those of us who have never felt safe to let go. I feel more peaceful yet energized than I have in twenty years. I plan to make this a once a year sabbatical. Keep offering your healing gifts. You are both amazing teachers and healers, and I appreciate what you gave to us. Rose, MI

Annie and Jerry- Thank you so much for the wonderful healing accommodations and treatments. I'm filled with inner peace and a new hope for a happy future.  Before I came I was depressed and was told by my doctor that I would need to be on medication for the rest of my life. I now feel empowered to find the right holistic doctor to assist me to release my dependence to medication. I felt guided to you, and now feel so blessed by my stay and the tools I carry home.  The ceremonies at the vortex sites and the ruins were magical.  I will recommend Retreat and Heal to all my friends and family! hugs to you both, Bonnie
Dear Annie and Jerry, Thank you both again for the wonderful life-changing retreat. I have wanted to pursue my dreams for some time, but have lacked the tools and confidence. The EFT, Hypnotherapy, and Reiki gave me strength and courage to find the core beliefs that have blocked me for years. You gave me tools to unlock the "Secret" and apply the law of attraction to my life. I have began my journey to make my dreams a reality. Bless you both, Cody

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